Marcia Noyes

Category: Newspaper Reporting

Community Garage Sale Set for Kingwood

The Kingwood Observer May 18th, 1995

Church Grows Under Covington's Leadership

The Kingwood Echo April 18th, 1995

Storms Roll Through Area

The Kingwood Observer March 15th, 1995

Mailbox Thefts in Area May Be Leading to Check "Bleaching"

The Humble Observer March 8th, 1995

Festivals of Angels Date Set

The Kingwood Observer August 4th, 1993

Angels Festival Raises $15,000

The Kingwood Observer December 9th, 1992

TWC Makes Issue Over HIFI's Waste Permit

The Kingwood Echo December 9th, 1992

APPAC Proposals Draw Parents to Sex Education Talk

The Kingwood Observer September 30th, 1992

Church Deals with Sex Education

The Kingwood Observer September 30th, 1992

Heavy Rains Lower Lake Water Quality

The Kingwood Observer September 23rd, 1992

Officials Investigate Drums on Lake Shore

The Kingwood Observer September 16th, 1992

It's Berry Pickin' Time Around Here

The Kingwood Observer June 3rd, 1992

Program Offers Mother's Time to Themselves

The Kingwood Observer May 20th, 1992

Retirees Consider Kingwood

The Kingwood Observer April 9th, 1992

Crying Wolf Could Prove to be Costly

The Kingwood Echo March 11th, 1992

Area Residents Can Help Stem Blood Shortages

The Kingwood Echo February 5th, 1992

Parolee Linked to Thefts

The Kingwood Echo January 22nd, 1992

Bridge Work Moving Fast

The Kingwood Echo December 25th, 1991

Postal Service Brings it Home for the Holidays

The Kingwood Echo December 11th, 1991

Group Has Handle on Music

The Kingwood Echo October 25th, 1991

My First Published Article -- 1967

The Little Rebellion March 15th, 1967